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Hard Floor Cleaners Sutton Coldfield

Hard floor Cleaners Sutton Coldfield

Hard floors are punished day in and day out! Brushing and mopping certainly clean them up, but what about the grout and sealing in between?

  • We inspect the floor for stains, wear and loose grout.
  • We protect wall and furniture from overspray, but please be advised that some materials may be very sensitive to any form of water.
  • We clean using a rotary cleaning machine and cleaning solution fed through a metering tank to clean the floor thoroughly.
  • We then use a special rotating spinner to wash the floor at high temperature and pressure. This is why you need not only a powerful vacuum but our steam cleaning machine delivers 800psi at 2200F and extracts the residue of the cleaning solution into the waste tank of our van.
  • We can then add a sealer to the floor to keep the dirt and stains out and making maintenance easier for you.

Please note this may require more than one visit depending on the level of soiling and the protection required.

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Hard floor Cleaners Sutton Coldfield


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