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Upholstery Cleaners Sutton Coldfield

Your suite takes a battering with everyday use. Spills perspiration and those homes that have pets know that they will take their toll on your furniture. The fabrics covering your suite are usually more delicate than your carpets, but in turn dirt still gets ground in to your settee, with everyday soiling.

  • Again we pay attention to the detail.
  • We pre-spray the fabric with special cleaning agents that are kinder to the suite but still attack the dirt and pollutants.

  • We use a soft brush to agitate in the pre-spray so that it can work to dislodge the soiling.
    We pay special attention to the arms and areas that get more wear and thus more dirt transfer.
  • The easiest mistake for the inexperienced cleaner to do is over wet your upholstery. That is why we use a special tool called a CFR hand tool. It is called a Continuous Flow Rate tool and works by metering the flow of water over the end of the nozzle so that the water cleans the fabric and is immediately taken away with the force of the vacuum of the van mounted system. Again we use a slightly lower heat to break down the grease and dirt but this hot water extraction process is a little gentler on your suite, cleaning without over wetting the surface. That way your furniture is dry within about 2 hours, but it is advisable to leave it a little while longer so that it is bone dry before using the clean suite. By using this method we do not over wet the cushions and arms but are still able to produce fantastic result.
  • We then use a towel to groom the suite, and depending on the fabric, use a light brush to realign the pile on the suite.

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Upholstery Cleaners Sutton Coldfield


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